Conference Room Sound & Video Systems

Soundwerks designs and installs audiovisual solutions for boardrooms, conference rooms, and corporate meeting spaces.   We focus on ease of use and a seamless integration between you and our technology.  We work with professional equipment to deliver quality sound and video so that the focus is only on your presentation.

We offer:

  • desk top & podium microphones
  • wireless handheld and headset microphones
  • in-ceiling speakers for distributed sound
  • recording systems of both audio and video
  • automated ceiling mounted projection screens
  • quality projectors for any lighting condition
  • wall mounted LCDs
  • interactive LCD display boards
  • production staff for special events and public presentations

Whether your company or organization needs an entirely new conference room designed and installed, or an upgrade to make your presentations more professional, we can help.

Contact us for a consultation.

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