Soundwerks is a family business with Sunshine Coast roots.  We provide quality sound & video equipment for rent to ensure that your wedding, celebration of life, corporate presentation, fundraising event or live performance is exceptional for you and your guests.

This is a sample of our rental packages and an overview of our equipment. We also rent individual pieces like sub woofers and headset microphones.

Please contact us to ensure that you have everything you need. We offer a pick up / drop off service with a short explanation on how to use the equipment. We can also deliver and set up for an additional charge.

Small PA Package

2x Compact Powered Speaker w/ Stand

1x Wireless handheld Microphone w/ Stand

All required Cables including power extension cords

Perfect for:


Celebration of Life

Events up to approximately 100 people

Large PA Package

2x 3-Way Powered Speaker

2x 18” Powered Subwoofer

40 Channel Digital mixing Console

Perfect for:

Small Festival


Projector & Screen

Small portable unit with easy to use free standing screen. Best for weddings, ceremony of life events, small board rooms & presentations.

Large PRO projector and freestanding screen, needs an operator and best for film festivals, sports events and outdoor movie events.


We are pleased to offer a professional staging system complete with roof, walls, decking and trusses for suspending banners and lighting.

Our staging is versatile and requires our staff to set it up.

Our full system is 31′ x 20′ and makes a presence at approximately 15′ high.   However, decks and trusses can be configured in a multitude of formations to suit your event.

  • Fashion show runways
  • Platforms for public speaking
  • Small risers for indoor performances
  • Trusses for entrances with impact

Let us know how we can help elevate your event.



We can supply hand held, headset, wireless and podium microphones for presentations, guest speakers, singers and performers.